Friday, August 27, 2010


Time to change thinking patterns...Im at a crossroads, again...Im pretty sure they come about every five years. Its that time again to contemplate where Im heading in I taking the lead of my future, or am I allowing my future to be guided by situations and other people? I think for a little while I got confused. I began living life the way I felt others wanted me to...what was expected of me...and I lost in that journey, what not only was important to me, but what made me ME... Well Im ready to Re conquer the world :) I have decided what type of person I want to be and what my new PLAN is to get me there...I decide If i posted it in a blog Id be much more apt to doing it, because it would be a complete reminder in cyberspace of who I wanted to be at 23...Now, I do realize life happens whether planned or not...but Im not creating my "journey" in writing, Im creating the path in which I want my journey of life to take. In 5 years from now I will be 28...and this is what I hope to accomplish:

1st) This Years GOALS:

  • Focus on Sign Language...really get to know the language
  • read the bible deeply
  • Pioneer again
  • Be happy living simply
  • Move in June to Michigan
  • Move next Sept to the DR
  • Build a business selling my handmade items
  • continue my creative outlets. ie: drawing, writing, crocheting, making headbands and jewelry, and get into sewing
  • Feel healthy inside and out

2nd) Far Future Goals:

  • Continue pioneering 
  • Continue being used as much as possible in Jehovahs service
  • Have great adventures
  • Meet exciting People
  • Have the life Ive always wanted. ie: serving Jah with everything, camping with friends, living simply, traveling the world, falling in love, helping people, keeping the company of good friends.
  • I want to have spent time in Rome, greece, and Italy.
What Ive realized in the past year, is that all of this is extremely possible...none of it is out of my reach. It just takes a different frame of mind to accomplish them. Im scared that if  I dont take action now, then I will be stuck...stuck in a life that Im not sure where its going. I dont want to be stuck in petty drama, and 30hr work weeks...I dont want to be stuck wondering.."why didnt i..." Fear is what holds us back. Fear in either what we want, or fear of actually having what we want. Im not scared anymore. I am empowered to work with the life I have and enjoy the ride to accomplishing the things I want to accomplish. I was always envious of people that were accomplishing what I wanted to do...and wondered how were they able to do it all...whats the secret? Well I now know the secret...its simple...change the way you think, and anything is possible. It takes work to accomplish goals, and nothing easy ever lasts...but put in the time and we will all be greatly rewarded.

I am definitely thankful of what life has given me, and I have learned from my mistakes. Im ready to start this new chapter in my life :) Ill keep you posted on this awesome journey. (cheesy i know)

Sealed with a kiss,

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  1. Sounds like great goals and I know you can accomplish them!