Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What the Future holds...

To contemplate the future at times seems...irrelevant. So much depends on a person reaching a particular goal...timing, energy,maturity, money,training...all these things lead us into the future of our lives. For me, I know what I want, I just seem to get diverted on the way, and have a hard time getting back on track. 

What I Want:

I want to live a peaceful life, with good close friends. I want to teach people about Jehovah and help them to appreciate him the way I do. I want to enjoy creation...FULLY enjoy it. Camp, sleep under the stars, swim in rivers, lakes, and oceans, hike mountains, pick berries, grow fruitage. I want to be healthy...I want to fall madly in love with someone who enjoys life as much as I do, but loves Jehovah more than me. I want to travel....never staying in one place to long, but long enough to touch peoples lives. I want to ride my bicycle and listen to live music. I want to not only enjoy music, but create it, because I truly feel alive when I'm involved in any way. Yes, Its a simple life, not a lot materially needed, but it sounds full and rich :)

I know Ill accomplish it, maybe not on my time scale, but Jehovah always provides the desires of our hearts...I want to continually serve Jehovah purely and faithfully.  I hope that those that I'm close to now, will be in my future...I have a great group of friends, people that I can count on and truly care about. I'm so thankful to finally have people I feel free around. Its so exhilerating to not have to worry and to just be yourself. Thank you to all of you I can do this with...I truly am thankful.

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